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What is the Eye Test Price South Africa?

Welcome to a complete guide on eye test prices in South Africa, where we explore not only the financial aspects but also the critical importance of regular eye examinations. Your vision is priceless, and Focus Money shed light on finding affordable options without compromising on quality.

Why so Importance of Regular Eye Tests?

Regular eye tests are not just about checking your vision; they are a crucial aspect of overall health. Understanding the benefits of these examinations goes beyond just seeing clearly.

What can an eye test tell about your health?

Eye tests can detect early signs of systemic conditions, including diabetes and hypertension, allowing for timely intervention and prevention.

Should I get my eyes checked regularly?

Yes, it is advisable to gets eyes checked regularly as part of your overall healthcare routine. Regular eye exams can help detect and address potential eye problems early on, even if you don’t currently experience noticeable vision issues. The Focus Money recommends the following general guidelines for eye exams:

  1. Children and Adolescents:
    • The first eye exam should be conducted at 6 months of age.
    • A second exam is recommended at age 3.
    • Subsequent exams are recommended before starting school and then at least every 2 years thereafter.
  2. Adults:
    • For adults under 40 with no known risk factors or eye health issues, a comprehensive eye exam is recommended every two years.
    • Adults aged 40 to 60 should have an eye exam every 2-4 years.
    • Adults over 60 should have an eye exam annually.

Finding Reliable Eye Test Providers

Choosing a trustworthy eye care professional is paramount for accurate results and comprehensive care.

Accredited eye care professionals

Learn about the certifications and accreditations that define a reliable eye care professional. Your eyes deserve the best, and we guide you on how to find it.

Reviews and recommendations

Explore real user reviews and recommendations to make an informed decision about where to get your next eye test.

Comparing Private and Public Eye Tests

Understanding the pros and cons of private and public eye tests empowers you to choose the option that aligns with your preferences and needs.

Pros and cons of private and public options

Weigh the benefits and drawbacks of private and public eye test providers to make an informed decision.

Quality of service

Delve into the quality of service offered by both private and public providers, ensuring that your eye health is in capable hands.

Eye Test Price in South Africa

The cost of an eye test in South Africa can vary depending on the clinic. Here are some examples:

  1. Torga Optical:
    • Charges R250 for a comprehensive eye test.
  2. Execuspecs:
    • Charges R599 for a comprehensive eye test.
  3. Optique Optometrists:
    • Offers an eye test for R99.
  4. Neovision:
    • Provides a comprehensive eye test for R190.

An eye test includes the following components:

  • Examining Your Eyes: A thorough examination of the eyes to assess their overall health.
  • Assessing Your Vision: Checking your visual acuity and determining if you have any refractive errors.
  • Checking for Eye Health Issues: Identifying any potential eye health issues or abnormalities.
  • Determining if You Need Glasses or Contact Lenses: If vision correction is necessary, the optometrist will determine whether glasses or contact lenses are suitable.
  • Asking About Your Lifestyle and Visual Needs: Understanding your lifestyle and visual requirements to tailor recommendations accordingly.
  • Advising on the Best Solutions for Your Needs: Providing guidance on the most suitable eyewear solutions based on the assessment.

Top 5 Eye Test Clinic list in South Africa

1. Sandhurst Eye Centre

  • Price: R499
  • Address: 53 Saxon Road, Sandhurst, Sandton, 2196, South Africa
  • Phone number: 011 217 7510

2. Specsavers

  • Price: R250 – R500
  • Address: Various locations across South Africa
  • Phone number: 0800 247 3772

3. Advanced Eye Care

  • Price: R499
  • Address: Various locations across South Africa
  • Phone number: 0800 200 343

4. Eyesite

  • Price: R250 – R500
  • Address: Various locations across South Africa
  • Phone number: 0800 001 332

5. Clearly Vision

  • Price: R350 – R500
  • Address: Various locations across South Africa
  • Phone number: 0800 000 273

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are eye tests painful?

No, eye tests are painless and non-invasive procedures. They involve a series of tests to assess your vision and eye health.

How often should I have an eye test?

It is recommended to have an eye test at least every two years, even if you don’t experience vision problems. Regular tests help detect issues early.

Can I get a free eye test?

Yes, some government programs and charitable organizations offer free or subsidized eye tests for individuals who meet specific criteria.

What factors affect the cost of eye tests?

The cost of eye tests can be influenced by factors such as the type of test, location, and whether it’s conducted by a private or public provider.

Do I need insurance for eye tests?

While insurance can cover eye tests, it’s not mandatory. Many affordable options exist for those without insurance coverage.

Can children have eye tests?

Yes, children should have regular eye tests to detect and address any vision issues early on, ensuring optimal eye health.


Melokuhle is a publisher at Focus Money with over one years of experience in the financial services industry as a marketer. Leanne has successfully completed the South Africa Securities Course (CSC®) along with the Personal Lending and Mortgages Course offered by the South Africa Securities Institute. In addition, he holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in English Literature and Creative Writing from Western University.


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